Copper Mountain

ADCON Signs collaborated with Copper Mountain Resort to design and develop an extensive new branding and wayfinding program. Special attention was given to specifying authentic materials and construction techniques, from the solid copper sign panels to large wood timbers and stone, resulting in a cohesive program that flows seamlessly throughout all three villages. Copper Mountain has that “Raised on Colorado” feel and ADCON’s mission was to protect and communicate that vibe while solving some challenging wayfinding issues.

ADCON partnered with additional teams from POWDR Corp, EPS (Event Promotion Supply) and Lumiplan to bring this one-of-a-kind project to life through creative signage, branding and wayfinding solutions.

An eclectic collection of signs had accumulated throughout the Resort over the past 46 years. As our brand has evolved we identified the need to create consistent and timeless signage to enhance way finding for our guests. As we embarked on replacing more than 500 signs, ADCON's vision, creativity and attention to detail made them the ideal partner for this endeavor. Not only did they provide a high-quality product, their ownership of the process made the degree of the project manageable. ADCON has become our go-to partner for signage solutions and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

Meghan Evett, Programming & Partnerships Director
Copper Mountain Resort