Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs has been partnering with ADCON for more than 10 years. During this tenure, ADCON has developed a custom lighting program combined with an innovative signage and wayfinding program that features a solar-powered kiosk. The design is as unique as Steamboat’s character, known for celebrating its western heritage married with its motto, “Ski Town USA”. The weathered Alaskan yellow cedar wood pairs nicely with the distinctive woven copper elements that have aged like a fine wine, resulting in a beautifully rich and warm patina.

ADCON’s partners on this project were Noble Erickson, Inc., the City of Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Springs Urban Renewal Authority.

When visitors can cause the town to double in population on any given weekend, many of whom are unfamiliar with the town and its roads, it is important to have a recognizable roadside wayfinding program to help guide those guests to their destinations, both day and night. In Steamboat Springs the City has been working with Advertising Concepts Inc. (Adcon) for over the last 10 years to implement a lighting and signage plan that is not only unique to Steamboat’s character but also to any other ski area found in the country.

The folks at Adcon have come up with a one-of-a-kind lighting solution consisting of wood and metal elements and an elegant cantilevered support arm that is sure to tell someone they have arrived to the ski area. Equally as eye catching are the wayfinding signs that Adcon created to include a slide system to allow the sign height to be adjusted based on snow depth, a snow depth gauge on the side of the support leg and they were even able to incorporate standardized recreational interest symbol signs from the MUTCD! The products are quality and the people have always been great to work with.

Danny Paul
Civil Engineer & Project Manager
City of Steamboat Springs & Steamboat Springs Urban Renewal Authority

To focus only on Adcon’s ability to fabricate superiorly crafted and uncompromisingly detailed signs is to sell them short…on the Steamboat Ski Base Area project they were confident and skilled as well in building the complex, custom lighting and solar kiosk

Steve Erickson
Principal, Noble Erickson Inc.